Facebook Discussion: Truth or Love?

To speak the truth without love is just as ineffective as living with an idea of love without the truth. Both require a need for each other. Our speech is to be with grace and salt( Col. 4:6). Overdoing truth without grace creates judgment. And upholding a notion of love that creates a false sense of acceptance creates no need for a Savior to transform you.Grace, truth and love are all needed in the way we speak to each other.

  • Robert Jordan Especially great principles when raising and educating children with learning challenges, or those gifted and talented.
  • Ken Reed Those in a position of leadership and influence are held to even a higher standard.
  • Billy Doray So right Katie Reed. God had a problem with the priests in Malachi condoning lifestyles with His people. I dont really care about the law that was passed (we all saw that coming), what I care about is the false teaching ripping through the church in America. Rooted in Love, and planted in righteousness. Love and righteousness complement.

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