Inked Up

I have found that when ups and downs come to us and we either feel overwhelmed by sorrow or overwhelmed by stress..we can press into gratitude. The call in the word is always to remember where you have come write it like a tatoo on yourself. so that you will remember..

Inked up for the road ahead

Around my neck lives the things

You have said, am I still wondering

Or are we all just wandering?

Pain comes in the morning,

Pain stays when we all sleep,

Latch on the door kind of lover

The yearning type,

The yearning of hype,

The sound of Your truth changes

And now my life is proof—

I don’t know how to trust You

Any deeper then I already am?

I have whiplash from the roads

I’ve been down,

I have not found safety with You

God, all I have gotten is a whole

Lot of pain in this catalog,

Its pages are full of stains of

Dirt, stains of how to flirt with

The disaster soon to cover all of us

You are worth it, God is worth this

Fight, this flight of stairs I live on,

This upward spiral to find you waiting

Always for me,

Catalog this love under how to

Grow under pressure,

I have nothing to go back to,

I have no connections to go back to,

No hometown full of good

Memories, couch tears, and

Nightly fears, I hid from him

I sipped the sugar on the rim,

I hid with sweetness, kept them

Safe, catalog of a life to live

A giant book of all the mistakes

You use—light up the darkness

Now, write Your mercy on this

Sleeve, inked and green and

Glowing in the dark for the hardest

Of nights–now, we all sleep in


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