All or nothing

It is when Christ starts to ask us to give all of our lives to is when that starts to take place that we are prone to walking away. If we can’t give our money to our local church then it would make sense for our lives to not be that great, or at least for our lives to not be “blessed” whatever the heck ‘being blessed’ even means nowadays. Just because it is hard to surrender all of yourself to God does not change the fact that surrendering all is the only way to follow God. The follow up question would be how do we do that? Well, it is never by our own power but it is also not all on God either. The mystery of eternity is that choices and our efforts mean something and they will mean something forever and yet we are not our own and by His grace we are saved and we cannot do anything apart from Him.

The closer I get to being 30( I am pretty much there) the more I realize that I don’t really know very much and what I do know I pray, O, I pray that it would never put me in a state of thinking that I have it all figured out. What I hope to offer a generation is a faithful life but more so..a life that lives this message of being wholehearted. I realize that people disappoint us and usually it means your parents hurt you and your leaders hurt you and people you spend the most amount of time with fail you. Yet, we are still responsible for our lives and how we manage all this pain. It seems to be that life is not getting easier it is getting harder.

I don’t really pay attention to prophetic words anymore because I don’t know what to think about most of what I hear I think most of it makes no sense( and only God really knows) but I do know that you don’t have to be prophetic to see that the days are dark and blurred and their is an inner rage that is resting inside of humanity and all it is going to take is time for it to come out. BUT I do believe that we are to be salt and light and we shouldn’t be obssesed with “how bad” it seems. Surrender your pain, offense and bitterness. Do whatever you have to( in God’s grace and power) to confront that which pulls you away from this wonderful adventure of a life. It is hard but its worth living. If we are short in our surrender then we get the short end of experiencing the fullness of living( in my opinion)

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