Mercy On Replay

Another mercy day on replay

Sun for the start,

Clouds from yesterday

Clouds for today

Future earth

Past pain

Cracks made plain

Longing for sure to be clothed

In light, living daily to get it right—

Packed away real tight

Is my Samsonite,

Memories and pieces of the puzzle

Scribbled in journals are the dreams

Of  tomorrow—

The earth’s sorrow is on borrow

Up for rent, paid in full

Never really sure how to live

But only know what to give

A line is in the sand—love is

Our final fight, our greatest test—

I can’t believe How good He is

And it comes from the people around

Me—love sits in me waiting to come out—

I will feel the heartbeat, I will lift You high

I will ride around this town wherever You tell

Me to go, I will bow low and I will let go of

The pain and trade it in for the pain that comes

With loving you the best I know how

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