Always repairing

Always preparing

Hooked and I can’t stop staring

Only one word comes to mind

Only one life that won’t rewind

Only one love to remind me

The center of my center is

A broken splinter, a slit under

These fingernails, a billboard

Of Your love reads me high above

Skyscraper affection, tall and strong

And lasting long—

I am not better,

I am new,

I am not without a fever

But I am burning up daily

Shedding away tears and fears

And all that I can’t face on my

Own—this heart is burning up

Repair for the despair

Help us follow through with

Following You—this is the love

Letter I write to You my Lord and

Savior—you are the center of all

That is righteous and the center

Of all that is true,

No Jesus=No Justice,

No unwind this to me

What is right and where

Is the might to live it

Out? Grace for the past

And grace for the future

Stay closely in the center

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