I spent everyday in the Spring reflecting on something..60 poems in 60 days.

Summer has passed and my favorite time of the year is here.

11 years ago on September 4, 2004 I went to IHOP in Kansas City and here I am 11 years later..

Skyscraper of a memory

piled high in between all that

has death’s sting,

I am always speaking

I am always whispering underneath

Those covers you call Righteous and true

What shall I do? Shall I worship all of You

Or will I recognize this dirt as one last flirt

With the temporary? The dash in between is

All that matters, born now still beating

Skyscraper is building with you and me

And this suffering has never been for free

I am a floor man in a world of dirty,

I am a builder with a full mind ready to

Live on time in every way possible for You,

Night time is full of daytime’s reflection,

Sky with it, scrape with it

Life is now a weapon to carry,

I climb the ladder

I climb to the top

I won’t stop

You are in between the

Beginning and the finish

A dash of an impact

A dash of no regrets

A dash that carries age

With experience

With wisdom

With a never-ending


I die again

Carry me up

Up on the skyscraper

You have made for me

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