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One topic of discussion that has come up a lot in my time in Pomona has been balance. When I first read the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Pete Scazzero I was ill informed that balance and learning rest was really an issue. In the one year( all of 2014) that I did Encounter School of Ministry I also didn’t really think I needed a balanced life. Now I look back at 2015 and I am in need of understanding what this means.

Balance and rest usually get inserted in between a couple of paradigms. When the overly charismatic streams of living become to much for people to take then the ‘slow down’ message is easier to embrace. When you feel like you just live at church and that is all that you do then doing something else also makes a lot of sense. However, there is a difference.

Rest is biblical. We would all agree upon the Sabbath as a day, as a year and as a God given ethic that should be as basic as tithing, fasting, praying, and loving your neighbor as yourself.

I don’t plan on making much sense. I would like to start this discussion. I love and hate facebook for the sake of not revealing to many things in my life..I mean that many of us can say way to much on this thing.

But, I struggle with slowing myself down. I look back at how I was as a kid. My mother, Susie Diehl would testify that most of their parenting was trying to get me to understand the word “no!” My priority was to rule the world then get chores and homework done.

I realize now that those were God given desires in me and they still are. I want to make an impact and within that reach for that is a lot of sinful reactions, sin itself, pride, selfishness, arrogance and self-righteousness.

However, there is difference between balance and rest and “giving it all!” because Jesus is worthy. My struggle with balance is that it seems like too many people are going to Hell, so the lost need to be saved. And the people that call themselves Christians need just as much help, if not more help.

What I have grown to appreciate about the healthy church books is that Pete is someone we can all relate to. He does everything any ” whole hearted” believer would do, but their still was a world of unresolved issues beneath the appearance of a Godly life.

Many things to talk about when it comes to change and how a believer really does change. Why do we not know how to rest or how to actually slow down?
Why is it that we get addicted to doing so much? What if your personality type is a beaver, a doer, a leader, a lion, a producer or an administrator? Is staying physically unhealthy( diet and sleep) really to be put on the back burner as long as everything else “spiritually” is doing great?

Balance does come through learning what you can and cannot handle and that does not happen overnight. However, for those of us who know these things then why can we be so tired and burnt out all of the time? Encouragement and strength does come from being around other believers but is that the same thing as always being at church? ( I am asking all of these questions) ? What do you think?

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