In Between Computers And Other Updates

I used to do this thing where the opening sentence to any update would be like, “ is so busy and crazy I have no idea where I have sorry!” So, instead of doing that I am just gonna say some things. This blog has existed almost 9 years this coming January.

In about a month I will be 30 years old. Its so crazy to think that almost all of my twenties have been captured on this blog. I think the joy of aspiring to write is that you really do take people on the journey with you. I have been in between computers since March. Almost all of my wordpress posts have been done at my school while doing homework and or “I should be doing work but I am blogging instead!”

It is always a joy to try to express the deep things. Nowadays, we easily can oversshare our lives with social media and that is an issue. We never want to be something we are not. I always say that most of us have very uninteresting lives, so the need to post everything you are doing just doesn’t scratch the itch. I want to share with you who I am and where I have been and where I think I am going…

I love to write and I have noticed that you get to a point where if you want something you have to practice. Many great writer’s had complex internal struggles, yet they found a way to be proflicic in what they wanted to say.

As I get nearer to 30 I am realizing that life does not stop. Miley can sing, “We can’t stop/ we won’t stop.” And it has some truth to it. Here are some in between traffic thoughts:

-Rest is a God-given ethic that we value, yet you have to work hard at figuring out how you rest.

-Having limits on yourself does not make you less committed or less passionate. If you give in to this notion that you have to do everything and be everything to everyone at all times..then you and I can miss what it means to be where we need to be.

-I am driven more by the people around me and the community that I am in more than I am driven by the doctrine and the teaching. Both are necessary but most of us stick around because of the community that we are in.

-Love is a choice more than it is a feeling. The paradox is that it takes work and discipline to experience something that is “free” and neverending.

-Faith is a gift. Faith is a choice and faith is devoid of emotions sometimes.

-I can’t say to much more for I only want to express and talk about what I believe in.

While you live in between traffic lights and working your job try to remember that one day at at time might be the best way to not get overwhelmed with the future.

More to come..

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