Dating this post..5:45 pm Friday evening October 16th, 2015..
In my head I go back 3 years ago and I go back 2 years ago is when I first met Benji and DZ and what a journey it’s been.

I had posted on the 8th that I was gonna do another 60 days of poetry..I am going to post a lot.

I have had a huge document of everything from this whole year and really 2013 to 14 as well..

More updates to follow. I am gonna repost some things.

When I was in Chicago I was talking to family about people passing away, so I connect it silence. When we lose special people we wish we could still talk to them. I want the comfort that comes from knowing Christ..

In March 2003 I missed a week of school because of a blizzard in Fort Collins. My grandpa passed away right before we all were snowed in…it was a hard time with other relationships too..

Death still has a sting
The phone still won’t ring
It’s really clear that nothing is clear
That safety left along with fear
I want the comfort of instruction
But rarely can I make the assumption
I too was blinded by Damascus
By the fruit of your orchard
Death still has a sting
The phone could maybe ring
God on silent while I figure it out
I am open now with an empty suitcase
Call me God into the unknown
The wind could blow and I would never know
I wait for life to rule me

Missed you in the blizzard
Wished it like a wizard
Dreams were magic
Now reality is rather tragic
Love is never practical
But needed for survival

I miss all the parts of you
I can’t see them anymore
But death now has a sting
And who am I to change your
Time line
I fear letting go to the point
Of no more control,
Like snowman patrol
I cannot carve out a smile
In the cold

I have written and rewritten how it could have gotten better
How I stood there in the frozen weather,
Drove away to try and
Walk away,
Ruckus was beginning
A loud forming ocean
Of commotion

Death is never easy
Since 2003 You were there
I see you now God
Always with me

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