Happening in current time and

Empty reads the receipt

Someone just turned up the heat

Transmission oil on low,

Focus now on the snow,

Can’t stay here much longer

For change has been much stronger-

To the left coast we belong, but o how you

Always can never be in one place,

His goodies, his treats , his lazy chair retreats

His munchies on repeat, No, I will not get high with you

Looked down while I was focused,

Call this number for an endless onus,

Death is not to far away, rather it is carried around

With fuel on empty,

Debt has been rising,

To feel happy about it is surprising,

The receipt is white without any type

I cannot stand a world of hype,

I’ve prayed for reality,

I’ve prayed for the truth

I love the Man but I cannot follow

His commands,

Red line overload, past the

Frozen unknown, out of the edge,

High on sugar, high on powder,

High on never loving enough to live

Even higher–

I cannot escape the present state,

We all shall see that we can triumph

But that might mean a full embrace,

Instead of a full escape

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