Gold Wings

To love is to be vulnerable and that is a risk to take. The language of airplanes has been in my life since I was born. Family I love you and the pain in the journey..we are gonna get there.

Tearing up
At the coke In a cup
Napkin stuffer
Candle lighter at dinner
Dad is calling and I am always
Red eyes was the first request
One less day without you
For mercy she had
Fixer of our broken lamps
Mystery of light
Home was a dark shadow
Green became my meadow
Sister connection
Bathroom was ours to share
Life has past me now
Forever is the final fight
Miss mom in the airplane
Higher always did she seem
30 years of living the mystery
Grace is my hub
Hell to the 27 club!
I will not share in that tragedy
I collect her wings now,
Family has taught me how to fly
Rain is never around anymore
But I too have found water,
Always thirsty but never empty
I will not go back to the shadow
Days when love was an outline
I am on Your runway
I am in my way
And there is nothing else to say
Teach me how to fly
Fill me in, even the parts
I can’t always see,
I will follow through with
Following You,
To the parents we had
And the ones we have
Future and past I try to outlast it
But the pain is now
And that’s all you need
Paint it gold
I’m getting old
Flying is dying
With constant relying and
Relaying this mercy back to You
Find me digging deep
Farming for fruit that will

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