Parking Lot

To those old days off Golden still has a place in me.

I’ve died a little more each day
God you were beautiful
God I felt a little full
Fear like a friend
Parking lot companion
Mint chip ice cream
Orange county had its
Bounty I was to poor
To compete,all I wanted
Was your heat
I never did care about your
Run down apartment
Or your broken appointment
You always kept me waiting
God, you were a landslide
A tennis lover
A midnight carry over
L.A. came calling your name
I was always to blame
Had some turbulence
Had some reticence
In those fields with you
Called it failure but always
Needed a father,
I took that love
You took it down
Fear like a friend
Parking lot companion
Now it’s time for communion
And I do remember His broken
Body for even the smallest of
God, you were beautiful
It was always half full
It was always me that was living
Beach nights with you
Under the moon
A little more each day
It does eventually go away
I still remember it today

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