This is about my nephew Noah during my depression in 2013.

Sometimes we just get so afraid
Well fear is a sin
Let’s throw it to the wind
Older is colder
It never rains anymore
Take me home
I came in an ambulance
I came with the sirens
I owe the fireman
For they extinguished
Death, blood like a bank
It was stacking up,
You were just 8 months old
You didn’t know I could have
Left you forever
Now you are older
And you don’t know my
The world is ending will you
End it with me,
We are struck down
We are perplexed
We are up against our greatest
You were a beauty
You came down that mountain with
Me, now I feel again that you are gone
Like it’s again, like it didn’t have to happen
I want to say sorry for failing you
But is failure a lack of movement?
This heart is burning up
I pass the cup to the future
Even if you aren’t in it
God trying to love was worth it
To Noah for being my first nephew
You will read this someday

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