Empty Living

It is empty

Says the sources running through me

Thirsty not for water, but for mercy!

Isn’t this love like powder?

Isn’t fear just like the water?

Grinded down, carried around,

In a bottle, pressing full throttle,

Gears are still stuck on the freeway,

Carbon ribs for the taking,

L.A. in the making

Man is empty and rewrites his own

Story—there has to be more than just mundane

There has to be simply just insane kind of

Love, called it crazy when we all fell for it,

Fall for the best of it,

Leaves changing and hearts rearranging,

I have not something to help me die,

I have now a new reason to live—

The head or the heart?

The empty man has a future tragedy to avoid,

The empty man a future destiny to employ

The empty man has no resource that runs dry

The gears are stuck and hunger is a must

I can’t move forward without You,

Mercy has to follow this world I swallow

No more living in the shadows of blame

Or the meadows you call shame!

It is for living,

Not just this thanksgiving

But for every moment I get to live it!

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