Thinspiration for the athletes,

Numbers for the mathletes

Platelets for the blood donors,

Now bracelets for the future lovers,

I was turning 19 in the middle of the night,

I was burning in the night when You called me,

I was under the covers when the storms came,

I wasn’t with peace, or that yielding trust of a beast

Source to lean into,

I was turning another leaf, I was black and white,

I wasn’t colored bright yet,

I have no more new ideas for a future that would

involve You, I have no more new plans for a life

Without risk, I don’t think it does exist,

I was turning 25 when I found out I was never

A real American, I was turning 27 in the shadows of the

Mania called the east wing,

I was turning another year, only to find You real

Near, I was turning back to check out this past of mine,

It is turning too, I carry now all the love You can give me,

And maybe I rest with the memories that have made me,

Maybe I just trust the Autumn wind and the leaves that

Change, following You, well I still have no clue

I just no, I have know future without You

Here’s to turning, here’s to a life with

His Everlasting Burnings!

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