To the pursuit of change. To the passion that lives on.

I used to spend it on You,

Just an outline,

In the burning springs

Hooded savior

Getting it right

Reticence about my residence,

Where is home? Is it wood, is it stones,

Or is wherever you are at?

Now you have been just a shadow in the

Wind, then the heat made me cave in,

Interest in the windshield,

Go, then yield, then live like a shield,

For my faith is low,

For my path will swallow a whole

New future,

Abstract goes these lines,

But exact is the pain,

Is this floor for real?

Could it get any closer, any harder?

Outline a new life,

One with suffering,

But please one with redemption.

I used to spend it on You,

Now I for sure have another clue,

Find me in the middle of the

Mystery, come a little closer

And live within me!

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