Shots Fired

Based on the shooting that occurred about 6 hours ago. Here’s a reflection. Since I live in L.A. it is close to home. Praying for the families!

Something bigger going on here,

City of angels guarding no longer,

Heartbreak dreamer playing in the background—

Footage of the ways you travel, the ways you have

Moved me forward,

Men are raging at the desire of the nations,

Now I am set against Him underneath my breath,

For violence always costs something,

Adds pain, adds a plain capital H in front of my

Words, a hater of a lover could never do this?

Take the bullets off the shelf,

Take the mercy off the table,

Leave now here this humanity to just serve themselves,

To live even smaller then they really are—

But shots are fired and we live bigger today,

We try to run away from the pain but it is plain

In L.A. today, city of angels where are you?

Guarding me with royal blue,

Kissing the Son, bowing under the Sun,

Now I wait even more,

Something greater than a few bullets,

And a long list of regrets,

A sky soon to split,

A Son soon to visit,

A earth to see, and I am, yes

I am the one that says, “I pierced You,

I put you up there on that cross!” Now, you

Are alive with greater power than bullets,

Shots are fired and the world gets rewired,

For a thousand moons to never shine again,

For a thousand stars to disappear, for the sea

To no longer reappear, shots are fired, Christ

Is near, let us run to Him, let us follow the source

Called the light, city of angels report in back to

Him again—breath on this broken day, and this

Broken land

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