Any Younger

This is one of those in the flow reflections. This song is from a Zac Efron movie I just watched. The song has the line “we aren’t getting any younger.” Now, I warn you, just let things flow sometimes. The journey of the artist is to reflect on the three time zones: past, present and future.

Love is the final time zone to enter. Eternity forever, but until then we will have conflict.

Any Younger

While I can,
I ain’t getting any younger.
L.A. was the city that made us
Younger, wondered if there was ever
any neverending sound effects for the
splash effects, I am in living color now,
Used to be blackened by the lost shadows
called empty home-life drama,
Spent all day yesterday dreaming of another
Today- “it is the moment right before it starts”
Now, everyone has to celebrate but whoever is
Not there will find me right up here,
In the upstairs, where his boxes used to sit,
Where they used to collect rust,
Where they used to taste like dust,
Where I ran away never to find that stuff
Now L.A. sketches me on the pavement
Like white tape with retirement,
To many deaths in one lifetime
Now we can’t rewind and bring back
The one’s we lost,
 I wish I could find your love again,
Wish I could live in life again in the
Present sin called traffic, called night life,
Used to stay up waiting for things to change,
Space heater was on fire like my desires!
I am not getting any younger,
Edge of the cliff like the skiff like
Things to skip, the ship can never set
Right, dreams like thunder, invention like
The rudder, I am stearing you down a new
Path, I am pulling you out of wrath,
I am not getting any younger,
The machine feeds us in reverse can
You find true happiness, but today is
All I have to embrace
I said I believed in better weather
Now its everywhere like your deepest fears
Isn’t love like powder, gets grinded, gets shaved down
So you can carry it around?
Is not fear just like the water?
Everywhere it flows and everywhere it goes,
Laughing out loud for the future crowd to cheer
Me on, heaven is presently above me, but angels
Live around me, The Holy one lives in me,
I am not getting any younger, younger!
Beats per minute goes the pace of reality,
But, O, to face the present and to face it!
To live separate from you,
I missed what was used to,
But I am glad we live miles apart,
I want better but I’ve been used to bitter,
Everything is broken, even things that are suppossed to work!
Like a trance is your romance,
Like a pretender is my greater contender,
Who is the real us?
I used to have desires
I used to have lights
I used to be closer to the floor,
Remember when I moved out,
When I got moved around?
Remember all these things I
Want to forget–
I am not getting any younger says this song soundtrack
Says mister Zac who acted greatly to now inspire me,
Less pills to stay awake, for something feels like a mistake
To live out of passion, what becomes the difference in God
Longest poem to write
But You are never out of my mind,
All that wasted time on nothing while
We were searching for something,
Looking back is for the fearful but
So is looking ahead, maybe to much,
Maybe until we never grow up?
Who rules the world? The smartest
Or the one’s that suffer the most?
I am not getting any younger,
And I am stealing that line-
But I am not about to press rewind,
I am not about press fast forward
I am not getting any further by wanting
To be younger,
Write regret like a divet in the pavement,
Yes, too, you will be a white chalked outline,
You will come to the end of your time,
Death will take you too,
What is remembering?
Is it just for remembering
Death isn’t getting any younger
But, O God, let me live forever!

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