One More Night

One more night, the song. I used to listen to this in the car going to hockey games with my dad. Life can feel like fragments of good things. It can treat you like most of your decisions lead to sorrow, so why continue on? Why build a life of sorrow that will just end in death? Solomon had this attitude in the book of Ecclesiastes. He concluded that everything is vanity and chasing after the wind. I refuse to believe that this life is meaningless, but it is the sensation that it is that drives our irony and leads us to make false conclusions about our purpose. Some people just need one more night. One more miracle or one more encounter with a good God. I know I am always on the edge of waiting for something better, but I count it all as God being near.


The edge was presented as safety

The orange town color of your hair

Was presented really clear,

Meadows of grass with you,

Life in the purview,

Nothing better than being together,

God, you were beautiful and You had

The Ocean with me,

God, those Friday nights in college

With the collage of love, You made it

Real clear, there is nowhere where man

Is a lost cause,

One more night after that driveway talk

After that drive away walk,

After another sleepless night

After Rita Springer sang to a stranger

After dad was in the other room,

Always waiting for us to fall asleep


One more memory of everything good

I do not yet know sorrow, I need mercy

To borrow,

Hell is a mystery, feels like its just below

Feels like everyone’s burning real slow

Feels like I need one more night to settle

The score, feels like I want one more chance

To find some romance, feels like no one really

Can for who defines love anyway?

Am I just grasping and never really asking?

You paced in that plexiglass of a room

I saw all that You could consume

I saw all my closest friends really change,

Change into something better, something

Greater, yet one more night to get it right,

One more night to say good-bye to a past

Life, one more memory for love’s mystery

I too am lovesick,

I too have no clue sometimes,

I too have to many facts in my head

And not enough dreaded days of holding

Onto Your promises, like that doubting

Thomas, I too must see the scars, see the

Stars, see just how real You really are?

I too feel it all the time,
How much things change

How it feels to live for the loose change

And for one more night to do a

Rewrite, we are where we are

And it all seems to matter

One more night, Lord Jesus,

One more night to get rid of

Fear and to hear You real clear

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