I wish you wouldn’t read this so closely
Don’t you wish it wasn’t so costly?
You can’t get away from sacrifice, or
Can you?
Been stacking up all your regrets
All your young days, all your paper
Dreams, all the times you wish you
Would’ve had matches for those
I wish you wouldn’t waste your life
In the cubicle, sipping coffee like
An icicle, until your dreams are
I wish you would just get up
And do something,
I wish you would just stop
Talking about the future like
You can control it
I wish you wouldn’t leave
All the hard days and the moments
Where dark never went away
I wish you wouldn’t keep those
Letters and those long lists of
All the reasons why you could
Never succeed
I wish I would have read more
As a kid, or said less, or dressed
Up less, or stayed home for once
When everyone stayed lost,
Or all the times I wish I could
Have pressed rewind, especially
Anything after midnight
I wish you bloggers, you readers,
You facebook prowlers, you disgusting
Hypocrites that love words, that love
The fantasy, that love making fun of
I wish I was different but I too do the
Same thing
I wish I didn’t wish so much,
For life is meant to be lived
And what has been is,
And what is to come
It sure won’t come any faster
Without any disaster, or with
No alabaster to throw down,
Or leaving this town,
Or faking like you want to
Fall down and pray!
It just might not be wish
It just might be one day at a
A time

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