Oh, you have all come.
And you have all tasted.
Darkness lingers behind door
Number one, the ceiling gets lower
When you are ready to come closer
If you can try to remeber,
Then relax and forget
Matches for some memories
But afternoon tragedy,
Freeway apathy,
Can’t go an deeper until
Your heart gets softer,
Yes, beloved, you to can drink
From this fountain,
Or come off this mountain,
Or crack the stones that call
You back home,
I too am lost,
I too give in,
When you are ready and alone,
Or conflicted and home,
Or seen when you don’t want
To be, where can I go,
Or where can I flee?
Or where will I ever be
Without You next to me, summer of 99′

Winter too, the freshness of you in the fall,

When nothing bad happened on the way to the top,

But since I said yes to more love, I too have

Had more pain, yes, more then I can handle,

More than the daily scandal called life,

Where no one is ever right,

Or you could stay in,

Stay in bed,

Stay numbed out,

Stay knocked out,

Stay in the hidden

Called chores and duties

And God awful balance

Or, face it,no matter how

You feel



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