Life and Death

Life cannot be just about trying to not die. Death is inevitable. It must be about learning to live while preparing to one day die. Life has those moments where you feel close to dying, but it seems to be more concerned with keeping you alive. The challenge is to embrace every form of resistance as it comes and to embrace why you are alive in the first place.

We have to much purpose from above not to enjoy this life and to many signs that point to the creator Himself. Embrace life more than anything else.

3 thoughts on “Life and Death

  1. I am not afraid of death, because that is the day I get to walk with Jesus and I can’t imagine anything that can compare to that. Meanwhile, here on Earth, I hope to shower people with love and forgiveness and embrace life wholeheartedtly. You are a real inspiration. Keep spreading the Word. Love and hugs.

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