Working(*inspired by the song)

You don’t got to go to work,
Ahh do you want to get this low down
On which kind of pole? Strippers and
L.A. Clippers, same love for the mainstream,
Advertisting changing,
The one that I want in the night,
Taxi ride home for the long talks,
Divets for those cigarrettes, w
Wish I could call you more,
Call it more,
Forget the less,
Forget your best dress,
Less is better anyway!
Drove around and look for the
Abound and the turn around back
To the freeway as I was speeding to
Get to you, better in the night, waking
Up to get things right,
You don’t got to go to this
Video called work, called 5 hot
Chicks showing you they are worth it!
‘I am sitting pretty inpatient’
Time card now is getting hard
Distracted on the boulevard
Filming the traffic,
Laughing at all that has changed!
Work is over, for the weekend
And for the wrong, Oh yeah,
For all the wrong reasons

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