60 Days Of Poetry, Day 1

Last spring I did 60 days of poetry..

Yes it’s coming back with updates in between.

A lot of change to explain but as you know by now it leaks out in prose.
■ Sometimes people ask though mostly if I share my stuff. They ask..OK or I wonder this and I just say it anyway..

YOU is a lot of people. You in my poems 80 percent of the time is God. It is this ongoing discussion and pursuit where pleasure meets pain, but yes I am referring to close relationships from guys and girls and enemies and those that inspire.

Worthiness poem 1 Day 1

You are worth every penny
She never would have left unworthy
Though it felt necessary
Not possible possibly

We keep talking about a new sound
And a new song to sing
And sitting down no more

Busy not being a doer
Loving the talker in me
And the chairs leaning in

Loving how unworthy we are
And how far we can go out of
Grace and in place of brokenness

Grace is the mystery
And better than empty
Follows mercy
Fulfills change
Without pressure
Within it

You follow how
For I have disappeared
From You
And that has made me

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