A mixture of thoughts on pleasure and pain and the world that makes it seem like you can have them at your own expense and without consequence.

He’s got a big bed for all to see
Share’s it when he wants, but only
When its a need,
Cab in the back,
Want it all so bad,
Pleasure without the sure
Now its a please,
Erase the gift of pain
From the gift of ease
I, too, have love, and its buried
Deep within me,
Don’t pay me hourly wages
Paint me 4 dollars for your
Permanent bright eyes to
Take me by surprise,
For me to remember your
Coastal war, you want me to be
Closer to the lakes of grace
When I have an endless ocean of
Now its up for the clubs
Now its closer, closer then we
Ever were before,
God has not made Himself
Clear, but is He still here?
Is He still the author of pleasure?
Fit it all into bed,
Those places you fear the most,
Those spaces you keep all for you,
Those nights of pillow fights,
Now I say yes to the unseen,
To the world of clean
To the world you call me into

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