Maybe you stopped reading a long time ago. But I bet you stopped living a long time ago, too.

Maybe you are never wrong but I bet you love being right more than anything else.

The challenge with knowledge is that it can be useless. However, not knowing anything can also prove to be weakness. Strength is never knowing more than someone else, strength has to do with where you put your focus.

1 Cor. 8 says that knowledge puffs while love builds. It was said by a man named Paul who knew his stuff. However, today is not a day to observe or just read or just watch Donald Trump say what he wants to say. Today is day to embrace, and to live.

Eccl. 3- there is a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing.

With the present moment in front of you you will face what puffs and what builds. 50,000 thoughts will fill your mind today, it is just a matter of which one’s to listen to.

Santa Cruz is only an hour away. That is what is next.

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