Poem #3 Nothing Else To Prove

Got nothing else to prove,
Took all your sugar while you
Were with your girl at dinner,
Comma fever for the period
Stopper, I am the continuance
Unto something new,
Why does night call to me?
Why are you waiting til morning
For me? Why is love better than
Exctasy? Why is there nothing else
To prove? Those faded images are
Done anyway, but I got the same addictions
In the same directions, but nothing can stay
The same and change cannot be tamed,
Rice bowl summer 10 years back with
Zack now I am much much better at
Boiling water, at asking for butter.
Nothing else to prove, nothing else
To say,
They be working, they be sweating,
I be saying I love what I shouldn’t
Approve, is pleasure everything or
Is that to serious for you today?
Nothing else to point out but the
Fingers I’ve lost judging the
Grocery store,
They lurk, they smurk,
They figure eight around
Me, I too do not where this
Is going, 2 months of loving
Better will have you loving summer
Again, so keep listening and reading!

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