Burning Up

Easy now with my heart
Tides are coming, bills are draining
This love is always growing,
Park benches with you, Japanese
Sushi for two, girly shoes you gave
Me, hoping you could save me,
It was burning up like the tightest
Rope to hold, when we had to mold
A new dream for two,
Youth group girl and what a swirl,
Should I have stayed or should you
Have gone,
Now I am attached to those memories,
To that pool talk, to the sidewalk chalk
Where I carved your name,
Why were you so beautiful,
Even when we were just youthful
Who knows what they want at 17,
All I knew was that I wanted you,
Now I am still on the tightrope,
For love leads to the edge, and
Keeps you on it,
Never knowing the future,
That can’t be safety anymore
The orange colors are over

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