Waited for it to set in,

For those drugs to kick in,

They say love is the best addiction,

But so is addiction,

They say every lower case calls

For a higher letter, for a higher ladder to

Climb, for more sales to add to the grind,

I used to be orange, I used to wear those safety

Cones on my way home,

I used to walk that Golden Lantern pattern,

Can’t control what you want, just know its

Not in the house I live in, or the place I used

To be in,

They say love is the best drug,

But so are those windy roads I

Got to take to find you,

They say you should capitalize

Before the sunrise, or don’t fall

Asleep before you give up on the fight,

I, too, am trying to be pure, and feeling

The allure, now its never really sure,

Spring has come and I cannot change

The other seasons,

I work now, daily and present,

For this moment,

Capitalize that, stay in it,

Still you pass by, still wish I

Could fast forward, but today,

Today has no remote, or

No control


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