#13 Running

I think you are running,
I think you are hiding,
Washing windows for you,
Washing my life for you,
I knew you were hidden,
I knew you were smitten,
Rinsing out the past,
Rinsing out the dirty water,
Now I just got once glance,
Now I just got one more chance,
To get it right,
To get to you tonight,
I think you are better than this,
I think you deserve more than
Ever before,
I think I was always limited,
Limited in the love that I could
Now I only got one more chance
With those lips,
One more chance with those hips,
Once more chance to avoid the
I think I am running too,
Running from the best,
Running from the master plan,
Running from the idea of starting
Something new, of running no longer
From fear or from pride, but running from
Trying to hide,
One more chance to stop running
To face yourself, to face your life,
To face that beauty in the air,
To carry you,
To stop running

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