#10 Enough

 It was a digging party we had,

It was every summer without the heat,
It was everything dad said and did,
And everything he didn’t,
Now I am a man,
Now I am on my own,
Now I change my own oil,
And everything else that goes with it
It was a threefold connection we had,
It was the winter that never could end,
It was that snow storm from hell, how
Stuck was he stuck in it?
Now she never considered that it was just
High school, that her beauty made me a fool,
That regret was never the intention,
That the driveway was the last conversation
Now I am older and a little bit smarter,
Now I don’t even know if writing this
Ever changes anything,
But Now nothing seems to rhyme anymore,
Do you offer safety, my Lord?
Do you offer protection?
Or do you just offer yourself
And that is enough.
Enough for the storm
And enough to break the rhyme scheme,
Enough to reach the edge of living better,
Of being better,
Enough to settle the score,
I cannot do anymore then I already have
This love is endless,
Reaches past old memories,
And old moments that still can
Be written about,
Enough is never where it needs to be,
And maybe that is enough for you to

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