Facebook Fodder

I post status updates a lot on Facebook that really could be blog posts in it of themselves. That is the plan over the next 6 months. In between posting a poem a day and giving updates on what I am trying to get you to think about.


Often times our temptation is to begin our approach to God with what we feel we are bad at, or failing at. It is very true that we fall short and that we have shortcomings and that we are called to own it and repent of sin.

However, the challenge for us, is to focus on the Yes of mercy and grace and not just dwell on how bad we think we are doing. My own personal journey of being in church for nearly 30 years has led me down this path of elevating my weakness over everything else. If the cross just leads us to feel like we are sinners then Jesus is still on the cross, but if the resurrection proves true we are still sinners with great hope to overcome.

If your idea of church is to confess your sins and leave it at that then I wouldn’t expect you to come back, but that is not the Gospel and that is not what living for God is about. We will always need repentance and obedience, but we will also need purpose and vision and a huge YES to Christ to endure and persevere through. God is much more interested in life more then we are focused on all the reasons why we can’t live for Him.

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