Poem #11 Airport With Me

Literally tonight( 4-20) I am up late writing three to four posts all at once.  Sometimes that is just the way that it is. Raw and real and certainly Jared Diehl. Ok, guys, that’s the last time I will say my name like that. Overly pretentious and well, yes, I do like my name.

Airport with me is about a few different things. It is friendships that I remember more than anything and in the past 4 years so much has changed in that area of life. Moving to California for the second time but the last time in 2013 has marked a whole huge chapter in life. Since 2014 I have lived in Pomona/ La Verne, and I love it. I have been blessed with some great people. Most of life is anticipation, and most of the battle is in what you expect yourself to feel about stuff that hasn’t happened yet. We fear losing those closest to us.

Life in fear is at the airport. Life in fear says you always have to keep your bags packed. Life in the realm of losing someone because you have nothing to begin with, keeps you on the red eyed flights and never, ever at rest. This idea is getting threaded through the 60 day marathon of poetry.

Airport With Me

Spring fever,
Knew you to be clever,
Parking lot endeavor,
Stayed up late on the torn up couch,
Like that sunny day when we should have
Thrown it away,
Pee stained mattresses on Rockaway street,
But what I remember,
Will be that which is forever,
Spring happened again,
New season to live again,
New love to try to swim in,
Summer to far ahead of us,
With bright ipad lights to guide me,
No hands on the steering wheel,
Plane mercy for the steal,
Airport runs like red eyes mom
Used to live in,
Friendship like the jetway,
Always at the edge of leaving,
Always within the place called
Want to say you were on the rig with
Us, but none of you were there,
Iced coffee despair,
Walked in out daily,
Then back to stuck,
Back to pencils,
Back to nothing sharp,
Back to the beginning before
I met all of you,
Now I am wiser one year later
And nothing stays the same,
Airport with me,
One more time,
I am not ready for you to
No hands on the steering
Wheel, I know change is real,
I know I will always feel,
I know that won’t change,
But staying is never easy,
And neither is leaving,
Airport with me,
But next time, I will
Be the one embracing the
Journey, like the blood in me,
It flows steadily,
The desire for a departure,
To see you again,
For you to sign off on
Death, for only You hold
These keys


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