#12 In Reflection

In reflection,
A new direction,
Gig days, gag flags,
Windy commerce in this
Wicked city,
Girls undressing themselves,
Honor put up on the shelf,
Fenced up kind of life,
Boxed in by those voices within,
Missed the party, but ready to part
Ways with the past,
Missed everything about last year,
Can’t really hear it clear,
Am I on my own? Or are You
Closer then I think?
Pill fever for the gig is really
Over, the training has come to
An end,
Broken guitar strings,
Broken vocal chords,
Broken just, everything is broken now,
The rig has expanded,
Oil in the making, deep within,
I feel it coming again,
This heart has been burning for
To long now,
Noah Kai and Jedidiah Sky,
Two men to watch,
Two men I miss much,
Two to many months will
Pass, love still remains a choice,
Fenced up now on the rig,
You choose now to dig,
What is the gig?
What is the rig?

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