#14 Good Enough

Are you good enough?
Or are you just not good?
Good news is bad news to the unwise,
Now I’ve spent all my life trying to please you,
To many late nights spent on the hallway
Preparation, on the popular anticipation,
Hooded shirts and shiny shoes,
I’ve spent it all on the color black,
I wish now that I could take all that time back,

On the rig, we were builders of our own dreams,
We were inventors behind the curtains,
We were ineffably uncertain,
We would easily have been shaken
But we were taught not to be,
Not to be, even at all

I was born with a pen in hand,
With all the things I wouldn’t comprehend,
Who ever is good enough?
Sanded sides of you,
Used to give it all up,
Now I am moonlighting as a
Lover, now I am part time romance,
Full time angst,
Full time choler now,
Full time roller now,

On the rig, we had different colors,
Different winters, different Novembers,
Different ways of getting older,
On the rig I had you, I had that shared
Space where we learned about grace,
I had protection,
I had hidden intention from you,
In all my performing for you,
I had a life of getting new,
I had the gig to get ready for,
I had the life of wanting more

I, too, had a rig to live on,
A gig to perform on,
A family of dreamers,
A lifetime of pain to come
Ahead not just for me,
But for anyone looking
To get ahead

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