#16 At Mine

Why don’t you stay at mine?
Why don’t you erase that last Valentine memory
Of yours? Where are my letters in red now,
Bold and dead to those bad followers,
To those choler chasers, to those color
Is this city black or white or burning bright?
Here’s a plain detail: nothing is at it seems,
We were raised in the Arizona sun,
Now I am palm tree chasing, I used to
Be winter walking,
I used to be white all the time,
Now I am darker, but really closer,
But always further, but never been
Good is just a metaphor,
Until it gets explored,
Until you feel ignored,
Until annoy becomes
The toddler’s toy next to
Your bed, until steps line
Themselves up as pages
Piled up, as stop lights no
Longer doing their job,
Why don’t you stay at mine, tonight?
Why don’t you sleep in,
Why don’t you say no again?
Why do you stay hard-pressed with me,
Like all I feed you is empty,
Like all I do is disappoint you,
Like all I ever tried to do was
Sunday school, was daily drool,
Was living closer to a fool,
Now, its up, I draw nearer
And the cost gets greater

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