Facebook Fodder: The Bigger God

When vision for your life reaches past you and above you and bigger then you the definition of YOU changes.

Life is meant to be lived in the abundance of grace and mercy. Often times I feel I am not as connected to the bigger picture of God’s story. Teaching the Gospel of John with Encounter School of Ministry this past 4 months has also brought me back to John 1…In the beginning….God had and has never had a BEGINNING. However, who we are has existed for who knows how long?

Maybe all of this you have heard before, but after years and years of hearing the Gospel and reading some of these grand salvation passages, it really does change the way you approach daily life.
If God has thought of little and goofy me then I cannot be anxious Or I cannot meditate on His eternal plan while I also worry about what I can’t control..that is a hard truth and one that takes time to work out.
Often, we do think that most of life is about surviving it because that is all we have known. It can be a forced reality. It is true that you didn’t choose where you were born and your parents*God bless them!)
But, the eternal, John one GOD is really good at multi-tasking how to get me to choose His love while I choose while He moves me to do it, while He doesn’t violate my will; while, at the end of the day; at the final all in all judgment–we, somehow get rewarded for choices that God helped us make.
You will never be bored again when you get caught up in how big God is, and how small you are. And small does not mean insignificant. It means the opposite. It means God does not make mistakes.

He does not accidentally create a person. Free yourself from self-hatred, but not by trying not to say bad things about yourself, but by moving your focus to what is true. God is alive and has a plan. Do not quit in going after who He is.

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