60 Days of Poetry: #18 Love Somebody

Love somebody,
Call for nobody,
Back alley kind of thinking,
Getting away with darkness while
Living like the light,
Had the way you moved
Remembered forever,
Burning in the heat for 100
Bucks more,
Blisters for the love you have given me,
Now nothing I ever want cost for free,
But now everything is a different question
To ask,
Everything I ever wanted to be
Avoided the nobody,
Love somebody,
Pour it out and over again,
A red lined overload,
A purging synergy,
For all of pain’s energy,
I am no mystery,
I just want it bad,
That rabbit hole called
That love somebody
Gig life like the only part that
Made us alive,
Raised to believe love was on the
Stage, love was the final page,
And our choices were never up
For a rearrange,
Gig life made it simple,
Made it complicated,
Made it all sound so
Love somebody now,
Before it falls apart

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