Poem #23: Dinner Is For Talking

New with you
That tan eyed view
Those brown eyes in your
Face, those things you keep
Keeping from me,
Online kind of love,
Electronic exchanges
But the real you I see
New view of you,
Darkened alley ways,
Shadow days of walking
And waiting up to wait,
Irresistable and irresponsible,
Irascible or irrational,
I am angered that I can’t
Walk away, but you keep coming
Back anyway,
Is love really this easy?
Or is it not that at all?
Are you just a body after all?
Cause that’s all the world teaches
Ass and boobs,
And endless guessing of which
Color are your panties?
Forget the pantries,
Dinner is for talking,
What’s the point of that anyway?
I am sucked in,
I am at the edge of regret,
I am losing it all for one more
Night with those hips

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