Poem #19 All My

“You can’t prevent a bird from landing on your head,
But you can prevent it from building a nest.”( Bill Johnson)

All my everything is a barren nothing,
Every nothing part of me has been building
On empty,
A bird to rest like a thought to the test
But a nest to stay that is every man’s sway

Now I am never settled,
Like the borderland and its kettle
I am the steam rising
I am the smoke coming
I am flashing my whole card set for you
I am laying it all down again
I am weak in the wrists
But I have a stronger grip
I, too, have the tools
I live like a fool,
But for Christ,
For He has touched every part of my life

Telling the truth hurts
But it is necessary,
Following the mystery is never possible
To grasp, but it will make me last
Like a child under the shade,
Like a man within the fray,
Like those ropes that have wrapped
Around me

I am laying out all the cards for you,
I am on the freight deck,
I am waiting for the bag check
I am in the airport,
I am waiting up all night,
I am ready for the next red eyed flight,
I am not slowing down or going down,
I, too, held it tight, up against the storms,
The gig was the norm,
The rig was the norm,
The days of us connected upstairs,
Made everything easier downstairs,
The days of hiding,
made that world so much more
Better but still it was hard

I am showing up for You,
I am living for You,
I am not letting my darkness
Stop your light

I am getting it right
One day at a time,
I am ready for Love
To destroy everything
That isn’t the best,
This is the greatest test,
To give you all my time
To give to You, all my

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