Poem #20(of 60 Days) Ever

Nothing is ever in your head,
All we got is work ahead,
I am a digger on this rig,
I am a bigger then the smaller of the dead,

The judge that comes,
His timing plain,
His voice can’t be tamed,
I have been caught up in
Trying to work hard just for you,
I have a new view,
See you from the back now often,
See you nailing the coffin, as if you
Are going down there soon,
See you on the up and up,

I am afraid of change,
But even more afraid of living tame,
I am afraid of change,
but more afraid of regret.
I too get close to the edge of sanity
But more afraid of never taking a
Crack at the overnight run,
At sleeping in your lobby,
At making crazy a hobby,
At asking for another 51 50,
Can love be locked away,
Have you kept the key?

Safety in the cupboard
Coffee for the long haul
Truth is the other side of
Reality the one you hardly face,
Traffic is a loud sham of a day
But so is the easy road filled
With people to afraid to ever
Never say never,.or never try
The ever part of all
That requires risk

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