Poem #21: Shadows

Ever looking,
Ever lurking,
Get to being fixed already,
Where the birds are chirping,
Where the wind is blowing,
I am still waiting up for You,
I am still watching for the next
All my cards on the table,
Love is more than a fable,
Love, more than an addiction,
Or the best one yet?
But so is the heat,
So is the latest night up with
Stay gone for to long,
Or stay buried before
Your time is up,
Shadow love is all
I have for you now,
Protection to the max,
Protection in the tracks,
Box of orange tic tacs,
For safety cannot be
Carried anymore!
I am pushing your fear out the
Door, I am here to explore all
Of you now,
I am ready for the next train,
I am ready to get a little insane,
I am ready to never be ready
Edge with you,
The oldest ledge was you,
The yesterday of you,
The past with you,
The you of those who
Still have a piece of my
A blank space provided
For the radio mix, for the
Clean versions,
For the culture virgins,
To shy to take a risk,
And let is spin like a disk,
Am I telling you to sin while
You can, or die when you
Can’t, or quote and pant
All your philosophy,
While the world is never
Fake until it falls and feels
And leaves you on your heels,
This won’t make sense because
I am up late, because both go

A life of majesty for the life
Of living for the mystery,
I, too, just have to get it out
I am afraid of fear more than
I am alive in the sun,
But when it happens,
Oh, and it has been, I
Tighten the grip,
I wait for those hips,
For that plane to land,
For you to understand how
Far it could go when you
Let go, I will never know,
But you stayed shadow
Hidden anyway,
You stayed silent, too,
You stayed you,
And that is okay,
I, too, have light,
But, I, too, have

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