Poem #22: Digger

It is time to work,
Are there any options?
Years of hopping,
Days of sitting,
And seconds of wishing,
The past is fading with the
Dusty skyline, still got feelings
Like the alkaline,
Low on energy,
Like dead batteries,

Life is endless freeways
Yet nothing is free, ever-
A walking toll road of
Consequences, a payment
Plan stopped in mid air,
A life full of despair,
A bloodline of depression,
A floodlight of acceptance,

It is time to work,
To get on the rig once
Are there any other options?
Is it not a daily fight,
A daily right,
A daily press in with all of
Your might?
Today is the day before the
Last night comes,
To push in again,
To become a full time
It starts with being a full time

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