Dear Diary

I have so many journals and in the last 4 months I have been writing in my evernote more then I have been on paper. Here is a glimpse of my all-over-the-place-feeling Journal. This is from a couple of weeks ago..

Today is the day to lay ahold of what you are called to do.
Over and over again you hear from the pulpit that you need to do something.
You need to prove to yourself that your faith is more than just an
idea. You need to show
Us that you believe. Show me that you do and do.
It is the revelation of the Yes that I need more than ever in my life.
It is Cory repeating it on Sat. Night–you are never, ever gonna let
me down. Look, I miss Kenny, sad that I couldn’t see him this morning,
but it is because all of this change grabs the heart and guides us
There is something about talking with Cody and thinking about Sunday
nights that I really like and I really want to be apart of it, and at
the same time there is this thing that says ” I want to do my own
thing.” I want to start my own small group.

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