Poem # 25 A Real Robe

A real robe
A worthy is him Kari jobe.
A real razor .a real suit blazor
All is my call
Always on and always
Never gone
Always I’m the mirror
Always til I stop the fear
All is You
These cracks are because of
The legless serpent is walling all
Over us

You pulled me in
Dark parking lot
Soul to rot,
Now I am not a full time lover,
Or even a part time stay over,

A real robe,
I have lost it,
Left it on the floor,
Left it in pieces,
Left you for the diseases
To follow, for the pain that will
Death is not ready for me,
Or ready for you,
Life is in the balance,
And its electric,
Like plugging in the

I said gig because we were just
Kids, and all of life seemed a show,
Seemed never slow,
Always a fast paced adventure,
Always an overdue mouth denture,
To much sugar,
And to little time to spare,

A real robe,
Where has it gone?

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