Poem #27: Shade

I am giving you every last part of me,
I am selling those plaid shirts,
I am no longer a lumber jack,
I am never going back,
To chopping my own wood,
To living for being understood,

I was the greater of the digger
Between us,
I was never convinced of any kind
Of gaps and aches within,
I was never really sure you ever
Loved me from the start,

I was addicted to the false start,
I was charging all of my accounts
And resting in the negative,
I am burning now,
I am surging now,
With sun spots and caved in
Shadows to fight,
I am trying to get things right,
I am a rig worker,
And you know it,
I am a hockey player,
But more of a champion
Living in the attic,
Living erratic,
Love is the cure,
I am very sure,
But so is giving it all
Even when you fall,
Even when you fail,
Even Jonah running from the sail,
And the wind,
And caving in,
And under the Shadow power
Of the Shadow lover,
Shade is for the strong,
For they hide the best

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