#28: Nothing But Lists

So many ideas have been presented in the last 30 days. I love the stretching of myself.

I love to show and to try to tell. A much bigger discussion has been going on between me and some close friends. I want to live for God and that has been true for a long time, but He has been speaking this theme of taking chances and trusting in Him to not be afraid. I think what we struggle with often is not not knowing but what to do when you really don’t feel clear direction. If you ask most people what they are concerned about it is this very thing: purpose. Where do I go and how do I know where to go?

My journey of this life has led me to a place that today I would have never guessed I would have made it here. God is not just good, but He is leader. Make a list of all that you want to do and also make a list of all the things you have always listed as reasons why you can’t change and why you can’t grow. That is also a much larger article and discussion. Enjoy and challenge me in these 60 days with ideas of faith and risk and maybe what you have always known to be true.

60 Days Continues..

All of it has come to this
How much more pain can
I dismiss, you sit with it against
The ropes, those high hopes
Those hyped up memories
Those colluded fallacies,
Those doctrinal heresies,
Can you live the adventure with me?

I am listless over the lists I’ve
Made of the things that can’t
And won’t change,

I had that night with regret,
But many other nights with worship,
My life has holes,
My life has walls,
Your life is the same,
Your life is tame,
Many call it lame,
Many shout the same,
But what divides risk
From the rest is living like
This, on the edge, with His
Ledge of a balcony called
Endless mercy,
Listless over the lists of
All the things that can’t change,
Tame is now in the past,
In the hopes of the last things
You spoke,
I live in the present,
I live with the efflorescence,
I live in those glass elevators,
That we all used to have,
When mom caught us in the Honda,
When dad caught us living normal,
When all my friends were thermal
Weather next to me,
I left, they stayed, and risk has ruined
The best of us,
But now I see,
It may never make sense,
My life is a rinse and a rise,
And I will win!
I will live,
I will start today

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