Poem #31 Take Ahold

Take a hold of the change
Spare the loose change,
Save it up for a cloudy day,
Save it for the pouring
Save it for the snoring yet
To take place, rest for the forever
Side of things,
Be all the mysteries you try to solve,
Be the problems you seek to absolve,
Love is the greatest puzzle,
Fear the greatest muzzle,
Where is the change to come
Shutters now,
That song playing now,
Those pictures you post,
That pain like a roast,
Its cooking on every side,
Its Sunday love,
It’s a Saturday thing,
Soul for the breaking,
Heart now for the taking,
I can’t close that door now,
It was always open for you,
It stayed open daily,
Now you are on the freeway
Now you love the rubber,
Its burning up now,
Now I am lost,
Now I pay your cost
And go where I cannot,
Love has held it all together,
Living together, forever

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