Poem #34: Still Wanna(60 Days)

I still wanna know
How much grow do you got left?
How much fro do you still need to curl?
Kids in the backseat, reality in check,
Backwards with no regret, forward with no
I still can’t ever know for sure
If it ever was for sure,
If you ever loved me from the start,
But I see your face in the space that used
To be for just you,
Now I still live in this in between world
Called clean and unclean,
I still wanna know–this song drives me crazy,
Cause its all hazy most of the time,
Who is somebody,
Someone to love,
Going down under,
Ready for the thunder,
Let it grip us tonight,
Over a pillow fight and talk,
Come out of hiding and
Into the light

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