Poem #35 Airport With Me, Pt. 2

Airport With Me, pt. 2
We had something You and Me,
Capitalized so you can’t see these lies,
Held on for the ride,
Rose early,
Climbed those mountains called
Pride, called avoiding the hide,
Called saying good-bye cause you
Made me,
I packed it up real tight,
All those things I never did right,
Everything to think of on one single
Everything you could put in my
Now, you take up to much space
In this mind, I traveled it to get
Away from it,
Daily never did suit me,
But daily still reminds me
Of You,
All Holy,
All True,
All up in front like the world
Has no clue,
All smug and tight and the
Owner of the Samsonite,
My travels and the final
Of the gavel’s, in Your hands,
Airport with me,
One last time,
Plane mercy in dire need of
Of a mental rearrange,
I cannot travel so far to
Ever get away from perfect
You will still feel this way
Towards me,
No matter the ride,
No matter how far I ever

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